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Mull Theatre: FACE
15 September 2017
Starts: 20:00

Mull Theatre touring production: FACE

A play by Peter Arnott directed by Stasi Shaeffer; featuring Janette Foggo as Isobel and Morag.

Come along for a get together and the pre-theatre cocktail hour in Glenuig hall 7-8pm.

Mull Theatre presents a tour de force by Janette Foggo as the twin sisters Isobel and Morag looking at the rich tapestry of life through very different eyes ! Not to be missed ! Come along for a get together and the pre-Theatre cocktail hour in Glenuig hall 7-8pm. Show starts at 8pm

In one and the same moment, two sisters with one face, identical twins Isobel and Morag each have a story to tell about family, money, sex, truth and happiness – and about each other. It should be the same story about the same people, but the sisters are as divided from each other as two people can be. The play explores the ways in which they inhabit the world. By giving two very different but connected sides of the same coin, through humour and vitriol, the sisters show us how we think of ourselves and the world around us, and the shapes we get ourselves into in order to survive that world, asking fundamental questions about what matters to us and why.

Start time 8:00pm, tickets £10 (under 18s £8).

The show runs for an hour and a half with a 20 min interval.