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This news page is about the Glenuig community - news of forthcoming events in Glenuig Hall can be found on our What's On Calendar page.

Feedback on Glenuig and any of its facilities is always appreciated - if you have anything to say please email us.

02 November 2019GCA AGM 2019

Glenuig Community Association (GCA) will be holding its 26th Annual General Meeting in Glenuig Hall on Wednesday 27th November 2019 at 7:00pm.

Among items to be discussed will be the 25th anniversary of the hall opening (on 1st April 1995) and whether there is a desire for any “Hub Clubs” in the hall over the coming winter.

We hope many members of the association will attend the meeting to offer their views on these and other matters. Current committee members are Alasdair Carmichael, Sue McCann, Fiona MacIsaac, Pamela Conacher, Eoghan Carmichael, Martyn Green, Glenda Green, Keith O'Connor and Zoe Pritchard. New committee members are always welcome but we will not coerce anyone who attends the AGM to come onto the committee. This is your chance to tell the committee what you think of the management of Glenuig Hall and comment on any other issues that affect the community.

The GCA is a membership organisation and everyone living in the mainland area between the Alisary Burn and River Moidart is eligible to become a member. As a Company Limited by Guarantee individuals must apply for membership. There are currently 48 Ordinary Members, roughly 51% of those eligible, and we wish to encourage all residents to join us and help have a say in community matters. Information on the GCA, on Glenuig in general, details of membership and membership application forms are all available on our website www.glenuig.org.uk

21 January 2019GCA Newsletter 2019 January

Our January 2019 Newsletter. To read or download as Pdf CLICK HERE

The Glenuig Community Association (GCA) is a registered a Scottish Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. The main functions are to manage Glenuig Hall (owned by the GCA) and to support other activities that benefit the local community. It is governed by the rules and regulations laid out in the constitution. Full voting membership is open to adults living between the Moidart River, Alisary Burn and the sea. Associate membership is available outwith this area. Membership is free; the only financial commitment is limited to one pound (£1) towards any debts if the organisation is dissolved.  More information on the GCA, the constitution and membership application forms can be found at www.glenuig.org.uk.

The GCA is managed by a committee appointed by the membership. An important task is to manage the hire of the Hall and events to provide an income which is required to maintain the Hall and meet the running costs.

The Directors of Glenuig Community Association hope that all residents of the area will become members of the association and have a say in what happens in the village and surrounding area.

New Developments in Glenuig

Over the past few years the directors of Glenuig Community Association have:

  • Supported the development of Glenuig Shop as a community enterprise.
  • Supported the establishment of the local Internet infrastructure provider Glenuignet
  • Received funding from the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) for the installation of energy efficient lighting in Glenuig Hall and to improve the insulation.
  • The CCF is also funding a Bottle Bank adjacent to Glenuig Shop in early 2019.
  • Managed a programme of music, theatre and other arts events in Glenuig Hall.
  • Managed regular Hub Club bars for social get-togethers
  • Managed the hiring of Glenuig Hall to maintain an income to cover the various costs associated with the upkeep and maintenance of the hall and the legal obligations of the Association. This is becoming increasingly important as other sources of funding become less easy to obtain.

There are various new initiatives being planned and all members of the Association are invited to become involved in putting forward their opinions:

  • There is strong interest from Lochaber Housing Association (LHA), Community Housing Scotland (CHS) and the Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT) in building new affordable housing in Glenuig. The GCA has been asked to facilitate a public meeting to discuss this and may be involved in long term management of this project. A public meeting will be held in Glenuig Hall on Wednesday 23rd January 2019 at 7:00pm to discuss the proposals.
  • Glenuig Hall will be 25 years old in April 2020 and there are plans for some major refurbishment of the hall. What would YOU like to see done to the hall to help ensure its viability for the next 25 years?
  • There are also plans for a series of events in Glenuig in 2020 to celebrate the first 25 years of the hall and look to the future of the hall. What would YOU like to see happen?

To let us know please come to any of our meetings or contact us by phone, email or Facebook

04 August 2018Climate Challenge Funding

Glenuig less energy, more recycle.

Report number 1 – early August 2018.

As detailed on the official poster and press release, the Glenuig Community Association (GCA) has obtained funding from the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF).  The volunteer Directors of the GCA are working to make the work happen.  This short report is to keep everyone informed of progress, detail the forward plans, ask for feed-back and, most importantly, encourage everyone to support the initiatives.

Glass recycling.

The plan is to have a glass recycling facility in Glenuig to serve the GCA area.  Funding is available to prepare a level site with hard-standing.  The Highland Council will provide the glass-recycling banks and their contractors will empty them on a regular basis.  The collection lorry already passes through Glenuig so there is no extra collection costs or miles.  The suggested site is by the Glenuig Community Shop and the Glenuig Estate has agreed this in principle.  There is petition in the shop: please sign to signify support.

Energy saving in the Hall.

  1. LED Lights.  There is funding to replace all the 90 or so light bulbs in the hall with LED bulbs.  This will save an estimated £300 a year in electricity costs.  There is a choice between warm white lights (similar in colour to traditional filament bulbs) and bright white lights (similar to daylight).  The current plan is for the main hall side lights, the green room, the bar lounge, the inner lobby and the veranda to all have warm white lighting with bright white lighting elsewhere (toilets, kitchen, corridors, outer lobby, store rooms and so on).  The lights in the apex of the main hall will also be bright white.  Let me know if you disagree: I can e-mail you the detailed schedule.
  2. Draft proofing and insulation.  There is funding to improve the thermal insulation and draft-proofing in the Hall.  This will target the fire-doors and the areas of the ceiling where it is possible to gain access reasonably easily.  The cost savings are not great, less than £100 per year, but the greater consideration is an improvement in the comfort factor.

Improving recycling rates and carbon literacy in the GCA area.

This is where everyone can help.  Whatever your politics, religion, personal outlook on life and so on, improving recycling helps us all enjoy our planet more and helps safeguard it for future generations.  It also saves the Highland Council money.  This means the Council has more money to spend on us – from school meals to care homes.  To help you understand the issues and, hopefully, improve our local recycling rate, several initiatives are planned including information boards, leaflet distributions and a drop-in event in Glenuig Hall probably in the late autumn.

If you have any comments or queries, have a word or drop me an e-mail.

Martyn Green – e-mail chilton_hilton@hotmail.com.

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