Glenuig Festival CD

To celebrate ten years of the Glenuig Music Festival a recording was made of the 1992 Festival. The music released on the subsequent CD is a selection of the best from the Tenth Glenuig Music Festival. The choice of tracks is due as much to the quality of the original recordings as to the musical content. Tracks by the same artists and others appearing at the festival had to be omitted due to too much interference from dogs, generators or audiences noises - it was a truly live festival. Our thanks go to all those artists featured on the CD for their permission to use these recordings, and to all those who played at the Glenuig Music Festivals. Also to Nick Turner of Watercolour Music who produced the CD for us, and to Billy MacKail who sat through many many hours of sometimes poor quality recordings to find the gems we have on this CD.

Tracks featured on the CD are:

  1. Iain MacDonald & Jim Sutherland (pipes & drum)
  2. Ian Strachan & Veronique Nelson (guitar & fiddle)
  3. Ian Strachan & Veronique Nelson (guitar & fiddle)
  4. Gail & Leza Niblock (gaelic song)
  5. Michael Marra (fine Scottish singer/songwriter)
  6. Michael Marra (fine Scottish singer/songwriter)
  7. Simon Thoumire & Jim Sutherland (concertina & drum)
  8. Fiona MacLeod (gaelic song)
  9. Paul MacDonald (Mouthie) with Ben Wyvis
  10. Dave NcNally (pipes)
  11. Ben Wyvis & the Last Resort (great dance band)
  12. Eat the Seats (up the tempo!)
  13. Easy Club (renowned Scottish band)
  14. Michael Marra (again)
  15. Annette Milne (a mighty singer)
  16. Easy Seats (members of Easy Club & Eat the Seats)
  17. Easy Seats (members of Easy Club & Eat the Seats)
  18. Duncan MacGillvary (wonderful piper & multi-instrumentalist)
  19. The Glenooligans (local youngsters)

Cassette tapes and CDs of the Tenth Glenuig Music Festival are available by post. Tapes cost £9.00, CDs £12.00 (plus 50p per order for p&p). Please send cheques made out to Glenuig Community Association to Glenuig Hall, Glenuig, Lochailort PH38 4NG. For further information please contact Eoghan Carmichael on 01687 470267 or by email.

The CD cover was painted for us by then local artist Rob Atkey - can you find his signature?

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