04 August 2018
Climate Challenge Funding

Glenuig less energy, more recycle.

Report number 1 – early August 2018.

As detailed on the official poster and press release, the Glenuig Community Association (GCA) has obtained funding from the Climate Challenge Fund (CCF).  The volunteer Directors of the GCA are working to make the work happen.  This short report is to keep everyone informed of progress, detail the forward plans, ask for feed-back and, most importantly, encourage everyone to support the initiatives.

Glass recycling.

The plan is to have a glass recycling facility in Glenuig to serve the GCA area.  Funding is available to prepare a level site with hard-standing.  The Highland Council will provide the glass-recycling banks and their contractors will empty them on a regular basis.  The collection lorry already passes through Glenuig so there is no extra collection costs or miles.  The suggested site is by the Glenuig Community Shop and the Glenuig Estate has agreed this in principle.  There is petition in the shop: please sign to signify support.

Energy saving in the Hall.

  1. LED Lights.  There is funding to replace all the 90 or so light bulbs in the hall with LED bulbs.  This will save an estimated £300 a year in electricity costs.  There is a choice between warm white lights (similar in colour to traditional filament bulbs) and bright white lights (similar to daylight).  The current plan is for the main hall side lights, the green room, the bar lounge, the inner lobby and the veranda to all have warm white lighting with bright white lighting elsewhere (toilets, kitchen, corridors, outer lobby, store rooms and so on).  The lights in the apex of the main hall will also be bright white.  Let me know if you disagree: I can e-mail you the detailed schedule.
  2. Draft proofing and insulation.  There is funding to improve the thermal insulation and draft-proofing in the Hall.  This will target the fire-doors and the areas of the ceiling where it is possible to gain access reasonably easily.  The cost savings are not great, less than £100 per year, but the greater consideration is an improvement in the comfort factor.

Improving recycling rates and carbon literacy in the GCA area.

This is where everyone can help.  Whatever your politics, religion, personal outlook on life and so on, improving recycling helps us all enjoy our planet more and helps safeguard it for future generations.  It also saves the Highland Council money.  This means the Council has more money to spend on us – from school meals to care homes.  To help you understand the issues and, hopefully, improve our local recycling rate, several initiatives are planned including information boards, leaflet distributions and a drop-in event in Glenuig Hall probably in the late autumn.

If you have any comments or queries, have a word or drop me an e-mail.

Martyn Green – e-mail chilton_hilton@hotmail.com.

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